maj 3, 2016

Instalacje elektryczne

Witamy w Nos-System

Thinking of adding some great tools for your security system? Why not consider going wireless? Nearly every one of the latest and most advanced alarm systems today can utilize wireless technology that makes protecting your home or office way easier. We have compiled some of our top picks on wireless sensors and remotes for alarm systems that could be great additions to your home security. Take into account each product’s uniqueness, quality, and functionality, and know which one fits your needs. We have also arranged them by brand and compatibility for your convenience.


This unit also has a unique

Sometimes our home or workplace isn’t really suited for hardwiring. That’s why if you’re looking for a reliable smoke and fire detector and don’t have the space for wires, this wireless smoke detector is just what you need. This unit also has a unique feature that prevents false alarms from ever occurring. Easy to install and maintain, this wireless unit is recommended for any home or office that has any DSC system with wireless compatibility.


Wireless Motion Sensor

Perfect in tandem with other DSC alarms, this unit is a passive infrared motion detector that is easy to install. This wireless motion sensor is ideal for homes with pets due to its pet immune function. You no longer have to deal with your pets triggering false alarms and environmental reads since this motion detector carefully identifies the movement of any object with the proper heat signature to distinguish an intruder.